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UI/UX Web Design & eCommerce

At Cincinnati Museum Center and National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, I collaborate with departments to develop strategy and transform our web presence.


For the redesign of both organization's websites, we focused on delivering a digital product with user experience and user interface as the key driver, and launched the site in conjunction with our building reopening and a re-branding. I spearheaded the development of a master scheduling system that integrates museum activities and events to our website, marketing, and digital signage systems. This increased productivity, as previously, events were published in four separate systems by multiple users. Finally, after discovery with multiple stakeholders, I implemented a new eCommerce platform which led to an almost two-fold increase in online sales prior to the impacts of Covid-19.

You can visit the sites here:

     Cincinnati Museum Center

     National Underground Railroad Freedom Center



I led the creation of a web-based experience to enhance our guest's visits and negotiated a strategic partnership with Digimarc to provide their “barcode of everything” and mobile app to act as the conduit to our content. 

I am leading the technology development of a our new "Virtual Field Trips" which at completion will offer over 15 digital experiences for schools.

Experience the museum at home by clicking below:

Digital Experiences
UI/UX Web & eCommerce
Program Development
Data Analytics
Wall of Xavier Makerbots


At the Center for Innovation, I worked with clients applying innovation tools and design thinking on multiple 3D printing projects.  Projects included batch production, prototyping, & architectural models. Click images to enlarge.

Documents associated with the 3D printing business are linked below



I authored the curriculum, learning outcomes, and master syllabi for eight courses. I also implemented and taught those classes during my tenure.  After two years, 100% of our graduates where successfully placed. My first three technical design graduates where placed in a nationally ranked MFA program and in two national Tony-Award-Winning regional theatres. This picture is from their Senior thesis, of which I was the advisor.

Click Below for class prospectus & master syllabi

Spring Awakening Production Photo
Student Engagement Data Analytics


As Director of Business Operations & Technology, I implemented a database to track student engagement . The database tied engagement data to student records from institutional research.  I also analyzed and produced the analytical reports.

Initial datasets allow us to report on how students are involved outside of the classroom. Over time, it can be used as a predictor of student success, not only in the aggregate, but also on an individual level. Additionally, it will allow us to provide better quantitative data for accreditation. View the Prezi presentation regarding the project below or CLICK HERE

Ale! was a part of HOME weekend, a showcase of Cincinnati’s great food, drink, music, art, and shopping for those coming home for the Thanksgiving weekend. HOME was designed to highlight Cincinnati’s transformation, vibrancy, and momentum. I developed and programmed a map that plotted attendees home and identifiers.


Visit to see the map in action.

Ale to Queen City Logo and Home Map


As a member of the Cincinnati Regional Chamber's leadership development class, I served as co-chair for our team's project, a new event entitled Ale! to a the Queen City. I managed our group's efforts in creating the event including team communications. Additionally, I led ideation sessions that lead to the development of the events namesake.


Data continues to be major part of our lives.  However, data alone and analytics can only provide part of the story.  By visually presenting that data in a way that is easy to grasp and understand, we can better understand the story behind the data.  Click on images to the enlarge.

 I was approached by the XU Title IX office to help them design an infographic about their work.  By working closely with the office and using the data that had been well-collected over the past years, I designed an infographic to be presented to senior leadership and used to better tell the office's story to the broader XU community.

As our division was engaged in a University-wide approach to tackle the persistence of our first-year students, I created dossiers about each of our students. By using data from multiple sources across the university, these files provided a snapshot view of the student from a data perspective. These dossiers assisted in framing our students story and provided prospective to employees engaging with the students on a personal level.

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